Free Virtua Cop 2 Download For Windows 10 (Google Drive)

By | December 26, 2020

Virtua Cop 2 is a very old and famous game. Everyone has a great childhood experience with this game. This is a light gun arcade game, which released in 1995.  Virtua Cop 2 developed internally at Sega by their AM2 studio. It was ported to home systems on the Sega Saturn in 1996. It was released on PC in 1997 and Sega Dreamcast in 2000. It was later bundled with Virtua Cop in Virtua Cop: Elite Edition for PlayStation 2 in 2002. You can play on your Windows computer. On this site, you can download Virtua Cop 2 For Windows 10 (64bit/32bit) from Google Drive.


Password: 123456789

Click Upper Download Button and it takes you to the bottom

How to Install and Download Virtua Cop 2 On Windows 10

1. At first download Virtual Cop 2 from this site upper download link.

2. Extract its Zip file use the password as “123456789”.

3. Now click the red marked file and open the game and Play it.

 Virtua Cop 2 Download For Windows 10


How to Play Virtua Cop 2

1. Open the Game.

2. Use your mouse to shoot the enemy.

Virtua Cop 2 Description

Virtual Cop 2 follows the lives of three officers and their efforts in the fight against the wrong officers. However, you can only play this game with two players. The designs of this game effectively impress the first Virtual Cop. Criminals who seem to be perfectly related have a variety of opponents, including warriors, paid loaders from outsiders, and even George Michael (all things considered, someone who seems to him at any rate). These characters know their parts well and enter their doors on a regular schedule. They break down and crash structures with the help of strategically located wooden boxes.

The subtleties are additionally done. For example, enemies respond differently depending on where they hit you. Shoot them in the crotch and they will move forward, gripping themselves in pain. Shoot them in the head, and you will see it snap and fall in reverse in practical movements. There are many more intuitive basics than in early games: you can crash windows, install lighting, and even drive a PocketNif tire to drive on the road. The designs are a bit old-fashioned today, especially in contrast and despite the 3D-accelerated wonder, the subtlety of the polygons in Virtual Cop 2 and their vitality is positively at the top.

Huge “gunpowder” has been put forward in this series from Virtual Cop. I think despite the fact that this is a Schmidzen very huge and annoying, it becomes important to leave, especially when there are countless enemies on the double screen. Without a gun sight, you would not know which one to shoot first. Anyone who likes any uncertain test can suppress the gun in the options menu.

An invited new component in Virtual Cop 2 is the ability to choose between two unique ways for each level. Like Dead Place of the Dead, it adds the ability to replay the game in the game, although the levels of the Virtua Cop 2 are disappointingly short and the alternatives aren’t too unique (they integrate towards the end of each level in any case so you can meet the ‘main’ enemy).

Generally speaking, I discovered Virtual Cop 2 that while it can be fun and interesting to endure, the readability to play again may have improved. These kinds of games are good at arches, where you can spend dollars for several games and then for the holidays.

Here, you are being approached to burn with forty dollars (really zero now, since Sega suspended the PC look a long time ago) for a game that only has three levels.


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